Remembering is a close collaboration between various makers, working in an experimental context to create something unique:

Monobanda Play (Bohm, DEEP VR) creates playful experiences that explore human expression & meaningful interaction.
SonicPicnic (Rive, Awesomenauts) composes and produces music and sound effects for games & other media.
Lizzywanders (Sentree, SimAntics) is an independent illustrator and game developer.
Rik de Rooij is a 3D artist and programmer.

During the creative process every maker was challenged to work in disciplines other than their own. Audio designers became game designers, game designers orchestrated sound, technical artists visualized game flow and 2D concept artists built in 3D spaces for VR.
This collaboration resulted in a conceptual short form experience driven by sound.

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Remembering is a creation of Monobanda PlaySonicPicnic, Lizzywanders and Rik de Rooij.