Directly from the beginning we were looking for a aural constant in the game that could take on the role of a center point, something that a player could connect to, something to hold on to, and to look out for.

We have been exploring several musical themes to fulfill this part, looking for a melody that would be present everywhere in the world of Remembering, sometimes overwhelming and in your face, sometimes subtle and hidden.

The theme could be a metaphor for the player, as the unborn, like an aural resonance of your being. A musical motive as an essence inside you, formed and nurtured in the womb, to be carried with you for the rest of your life, as a pair of tinted glasses through which you will be seeing the world for the rest of your life.

This first attempt tries to capture some emotions, like frailty, hope, beauty, maybe a bit of melancholy. A lot of the more aggressive, blacker, angrier and darker facets are not yet touched upon but will be based on the same theme.

This attempt also doesn’t deal in any way with possible implementation in the game’s world, let alone the way players will interact with it. 

~ SonicPicnic