As an unborn entity the player starts out in a state where all they perceive is new, unprecedented and impossible to be concrete in any way. Simply because they know no actuality or reality yet to which they can relate anything they hear.

How will listening evolve, how will the player's perception grow? How will things become more recognisable?

These were important questions for us to try to answer with Remembering. We started experimenting with different ways the player can hear and listen to sound. Two definitions of sound perception have been of particular interest: causal listening and reduced listening.
Causal listening means listening to a sound to determine its cause. Reduced listening means concentrating on the characteristics of the sound itself without thinking of its cause or its meaning.
When the player hears sound for the very first time it seems likely that they'd listen to it as is – as an independent entity. They'd take in the sound and its traits unbiased. No conclusions, no anticipation. In other words, the player starts out as the ultimate reduced listener.

Then, after some time, their brain begins to evolve and pose questions. Awareness sets in. They'd be wanting to know where they are and if that's okay. And specifically: what is causing that sound that they've been taking for granted all this time.

Not being able to make any sense of anything very well, simply because there's nothing ever before to relate to as an unborn being, these attempts to find out more are in vain. While the ability to perceive starts evolving more and more enters the brain, like a surge of incentives. As a new being you take it all in without focus, and after a while the causal listening changes back into reduced listening, turning into a sort of residing stare amidst a sea of sound.

~ SonicPicnic